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Moving to Pulaski, PA

Moving to Pulaski, PA

If you are looking for moving companies and auto transport in Pulaski, PA, can help! We work with numerous moving companies that offer service throughout the Northeast and even across the country. Pulaski is located in Lawrence County at 41.109938,-80.451706 and is 806 feet above sea-level. When calling the Pulaski area, you will likely be dialing 724 which is the area code for this part of Pennsylvania. Get your moving quote for Pulaski, PA by simply entering your contact information and details about your home on our quote form.

Auto Transport in Pulaski, PA

We work with drivers that transport vehicles in and out of Pulaski, PA. There are many factors that affect timing for pickup and delivery, but in most cases a driver can pickup your car within about a week. There are several other factors such as the time of year and weather conditions that can either shorten or lengthen the time of pickup. For an accurate estimate of time frames, fill out a free auto transport quote request! You will have pricing information and timing estimates from several auto transport companies within minutes!

Shopping in Pulaski, PA

If you are new to this area, you will probably need to do some shopping while you are settling in to your new home. Keep in mind, you are new in town and many businesses are ready to roll out the red carpet to earn your business! First, check the local post office for a move-in packet. These packets usually contain great coupons for everything from home improvement to groceries. Next, shop around different banks before committing to setting up banking accounts. There are many different types of accounts and you can often find better rates by looking at several institutions. Lastly, we recommend doing a Google search of your new town to help you discover places that may be of interest to you. Some of the stores that we found in your area are: Home Depot, K-mart, Lowes, and Walmart. Keep in mind that if you are shipping your car, you may need to meet the driver at one of these nearby stores to unload your car if they cannot get their truck onto your street.

Radio Stations near Pulaski, PA

Moving to a new town usually means resetting all of the presets on your radio. With the growing emphasis on distracted driving, we figured we could suggest a few stations you could program into your radio before you start your trip; so you can keep your eyes and ears focused on the road! Here is a list of some of the local stations that you should be able to tune into:

  • KDKA 1020 HD-AM 50kW: News/Talk
  • WAKZ 95.9 HD-FM 6kW: CHR
  • WAPS 91.3 HD-FM 2kW: Adult Alternative
  • WARF 1350 HD-AM 5kW: Sports
  • WBBG 106.1 HD-FM 3kW: Oldies
  • WBGG 105.9 HD-FM 5kW: Clsc Rock
  • WBZW 93.7 HD-FM 41kW: CHR/Top 40
  • WDSY 107.9 HD-FM 17.5kW: Country
  • WDUQ 90.5 HD-FM 25kW: Nws/Jaz/NPR
  • WDVE 102.5 HD-FM 55kW: Rock
  • WEAE 1250 HD-AM 5kW: Sports
  • WENZ 107.9 HD-FM 16kW: Urban/HpHop
  • WFUN 95.5 HD-FM 5kW: Urban AC
  • WHOF 101.7 HD-FM 6kW: AC
  • WHOT 101.1 HD-FM 24.5kW: CHR
  • WKDD 98.1 HD-FM 50kW: Hot AC
  • WKKY 104.7 HD-FM 6kW: Country
  • WKST 96.1 HD-FM 5kW: CHR
  • WKSV 89.1 HD-FM 50kW: Classical
  • WLTJ 92.9 HD-FM 43kW: Soft Rock
  • WMXY 98.9 HD-FM 5.9kW: Mix AC
  • WNCD 93.3 HD-FM 50kW: Clsc Rock
  • WPGB 104.7 HD-FM 13kW: Talk
  • WQED 89.3 HD-FM 28kW: Classical
  • WQXK 105.1 HD-FM 88kW: Country
  • WRQK 106.9 HD-FM 27.5kW: Rock
  • WRRK 96.9 HD-FM 45kW: Bob
  • WWSW 94.5 HD-FM 50kW: Oldies
  • WXDX 105.9 HD-FM 15.5kW: Alternative
  • WYFM 102.9 HD-FM 33kW: Clsc Rock
  • WYSU 88.5 HD-FM 50kW: Cls/Nws/Inf
  • WZPT 100.7 HD-FM 14.5kW: Hot AC

Golf Courses near Pulaski, PA

If you are interested in finding some new golfing buddies or perhaps a new course, then it may be time to check out some of the local courses. Once you get settled in, there is nothing that will make you feel more at home and relaxed than a green fairway! You may want to check out some of the following courses: Avalon At Buhl Park Country Club, Bedford Trails Golf Course, Borland Golf Center, Buhl Farm Golf Course, Castle Hills Golf Course, Deer Creek Golf Course, Donnybrook Golf Course, Doughton Golf Course, Knoll Run Golf Course, Mohawk Trails Golf Course, New Castle Country Club, Oak Tree Country Club, Pine Lakes Golf Club, Rolling Hills Golf Club, Tam O'shanter Golf Course, Tanglewood Golf Course, V.f.w. Golf Club, Yankee Run Golf Course, and Youngstown Country Club.

Airfields near Pulaski, PA

When moving, you may choose to take a flight in if you have hired an auto shipping company to transport your car. If you have your own plane, you may need to find a place to store it. You may check into New Castle Muni for more information.

Bridges near Pulaski, PA

Maybe you love photographing neat bridges or perhaps you prefer to avoid them all together. We are sure you will be looking for any excuse to get away from unpacking those moving boxes after a few days! Here are some of the local bridges that you may want to go take a look at: White Bridge.

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