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Moving Tips

Pack and Pitch

Moving is a great time to get rid of junk that you no longer have any use for.  Remember, everything you pack into a moving truck is one more thing that you will have to unpack at your new home.  If you have belongings that you know you do not need, have a moving sale or donate them to charity.

Use Blankets for Packing

You will need to packing materials to protect your pictures, dishes, and other breakables.  You can save money by using your bath towels, dish towels and, bedding to wrap around your valuables to protect them.  Be sure to label your boxes with breakables in them so they will not be broken.  Large blankets are great for throwing over dressers, televisions, and other large pieces of furniture.

Feed Your Help

It's amazing how much help you can recruit by advertising free lunch!  Be prepared to order a few pizzas on moving day along with some cold drinks.  Remember, your friends will want your help when they move, so most of them are willing to help you out on your big day.  Be a good host and show your appreciation by satisfying their appetite.

Handle Things Ahead of Time

There are many things that you can take care of ahead of time.  By tackling what you can early, you will make your life less hectic around moving day.  Even the DMV will allow you renew your license a month before your birthday.  Taking care of things upfront such as opening a new checking account, transferring medical records, and submitting your change of will give you the time to focus on your move.

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