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Open Vehcile Shipping

Are you trying to decide between an open or enclosed when shipping your vehicle?  Here are a few points to consider about open carrier auto transport:

  • It is less expensive than shipping in an enclosed carrier.  You can usually save $300-$500 by shipping your vehicle on an open carrier.
  • Transports for open car carriers usually dispatch faster than enclosed carriers.
  • Both open and enclosed carriers are required to have insurance while transporting your vehicle.

There are fewer enclosed auto carriers on the road than open carriers.  Additionally, open carriers can haul up to ten vehicles at once while even the largest of enclosed carriers can only fit six.  Most vehicles are carried from the factories where they are produced to the dealerships where they are sold on an open carrier.  Open shipping is fairly safe and certainly the most affordable option.

Expedited Service

Unlike immediate pickup services, an expedited service will get your vehicle on its way faster.  Most drivers do not work directly for any auto transport company; they are owner-operators of their own trucks.  This means that they also determine their own routes, schedules, and most importantly which vehicles they are going to put on their truck for transport.  As you can imagine, the term "expedited" simply means that the transport company is going to post your vehicle on the trucking board with a high payout so drivers will be more likely to pick it up ahead of the other cars posted.

If you're wanting to save some money on an expedited move, here are a couple suggestions:

  1. Request a rate for a regular transport first.  Remember, you will be competing for truck space with other people who are shipping their car, so it's best to pick a rate that is somewhere in the middle.  Pay attention to the "deposit" amount.  The deposit usually indicates how much the auto transport company is making on the order - the rest goes to the driver.  Once you find a rate you are comfortable with, place your order and then add money to the order every couple of days only if you have to.
  2. Offer a bonus for the driver to get the vehicle there by a certain date.  Drivers pickup vehicles and start their journey across the country.  Once they reach their destination state, they decide what order they will be unloading their truck.  By having a delivery bonus for delivery on a certain day, the driver will likely choose to off-load your vehicle first!  This will save you some time on the delivery end!

Immediate Pickup

Immediate pickup services do not necessarily get your vehicle on its way any sooner than it would otherwise be picked up.  This service is only meant to ensure that your vehicle is picked up by a certain date.  Your auto transport company will usually arrange to have a towing company pickup the vehicle and hold it at their business until a transporter truck can be dispatched to pick it up.

Not wanting to incur these additional costs?  Here are a few suggestions that may keep your transport within your budget.

  1. Ask a friend to sign off on the vehicle on your behalf.You do not necessarily need to be present when your vehicle is loaded; just someone you appoint to handle the paperwork and give the keys to the driver.
  2. Have your vehicle serviced at your local dealership.  Knowing that you are a service customer, many car dealerships will be happy to release your vehicle to the transport driver.

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